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Posted on: October 4, 2019

Your Insider's Guide to the DrivingSales Executive Summit

It’s right around the corner: The annual DrivingSales Executive Summit kicks off on Monday, October 6! It’s a three-day cruise through everything automotive, with a focus on the future of automotive retailing. You can expect groundbreaking ideas, invigorating discussions and engaging speakers - not to mention plenty of fun (it is Las Vegas, after all).


We’re incredibly excited to announce that we are a proud sponsor of DSES. We’re committed to driving the future of automotive retail, and as the highest quality training event for forward-thinking dealers, DSES is the perfect place to set that future in motion.

Best of all, we still have a few complementary dealer tickets left. Get in touch with us to see if one of these tickets has your name on it!

Going to the summit? We’ve combed through the events at the DrivingSales Executive Summit to give you a roadmap for the conference and pull out a few can’t-miss events:

How to Apply Digital Retailing for Measurable Results

This session will dive into the future of digital retailing, with a focus on how to enhance the customer experience while still driving significant results for the dealer. Since that’s a huge part of what we do here at DealerPolicy, we can’t wait to attend this session! This topic is also pretty timely, as digital retailing and online marketing have become essential tools for the modern dealer.

New Dealership Revenue Streams

Here’s another session we’re excited about. It’s a topic we talk about all the time at DealerPolicy, and it’s an essential part of why we do what we do. With margins shrinking, new revenue streams for dealerships are absolutely essential.

Check out the executive summit agenda to see more events!

We’re excited to hear what these expert speakers have to share. The entire conference will be a powerful opportunity to improve and optimize automotive retail, especially for dealers who are looking for new sources of income. You’ll learn about exciting new trends in the field, such as how building an auto insurance platform into your sales process can bring in significant new revenue streams.

The DrivingSales Executive Summit is an event that forward-looking dealers shouldn’t miss. We hope to see you there!

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