FastPass TM API for Integration Partners
Unlimited access to modern insurance quoting


DealerPolicy can create more buying power for your customers during the purchase process.

Leverage the DealerPolicy API to offer your customers access to DealerPolicy Insurance from inside your own digital experience.


Partner Benefits:

  • Comparative insurance rates embedded in the purchase experience.
  • Potential customer savings from auto insurance, which can be factored into a lower purchase price of your product. Drivers who save with us save an average of $64 per month.*
  • List of potential trade-ins reported back to you.

*Average auto insurance savings based on new DealerPolicy Insurance auto policyholders nationwide in 2020 who reported savings. Potential savings will vary.
**Based on policies with savings sold nationwide by DealerPolicy Insurance Agency in 2020; based on used car APR of 9.5%, new car APR of 5% and a 72-month loan term. Potential savings will vary.


How It Works

Step 1

Integrate access to FastPass into your customer experience using our API. When customers see your purchase price, they’ll have the opportunity to click to see how it might be lowered through insurance savings.

Step 2

We’ll send the customer through FastPass where they compare competing insurance quotes from DealerPolicy Insurance and potentially reduce their insurance costs through purchasing a new policy.

Step 3

We return the customer to your site once they’ve finished, so they can complete the purchase of your product. If they’ve saved money on their insurance, you can reflect those savings as a discount on the purchase price of your product.


What You'll Provide To Us:

  • Return URL
  • Return Application Display Name
  • VIN
  • Customer Name, Email, Phone Number
  • DealerID (Response: FastPass URL, Customer ID)

What We'll Provide Back To You:

  • Estimated Monthly Savings*
  • Lowest Premium
  • Vehicles in household

* DealerPolicy Insurance will provide Estimated Monthly Savings if the customer provides their current premium.



API Documentation

Looking to integrate DealerPolicy Insurance's offering into your customer experience? Developers can access the API documentation here.

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