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You Provide the Quote at the Right Time

Customers buying a car aren’t looking for insurance, but in most cases, they need to make a change to their policy to drive their new car off the lot. DealerPolicy's platform connects these customers to a network of carriers via licensed agents, allowing carriers to quote customers in their precise moment of need.

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DealerPolicy Insurance Provides the Quote to Your Target Customer

DealerPolicy gives every car buyer the opportunity to view quotes and purchase their insurance on the spot within a dealership. We work with franchise dealerships, whose customers have an average credit score of 720+.  A custom filter means your quote is only shown to the risks fitting your unique underwriting guidelines. 

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Enjoy Less Expense and Tighter Control

Our groundbreaking partnerships with third-party vendors allow DealerPolicy Insurance to reduce our rate calls and the need for third party reports.  Carriers benefit from highly accurate quotes and cost savings.


Take Pride in the Agents who Represent You

DealerPolicy Insurance agents undergo rigorous training to learn the different programs of each carrier.  They are exceptional customer service professionals and are available when dealerships are busiest (Monday - Friday 8am - 9pm and Saturday 8am - 8pm).

Enables access to a wide swath of customers
Extensive Data Partnerships Enables efficient quotes and rating
Outstanding Customer Service Enables retention and profitability

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