Dealer Testimonials

Learn why dealers and their teams love DealerPolicy

"The DealerPolicy platform is a great tool for our stores.

It helps us close more deals and creates room for our finance department to increase grosses by $400-$500. We consider it an excellent fit that enhances customer service and also helps to fill the ‘dead-time’ that happens after the sale and before finance."

Brad Wolkov, Partner, Kia of Bedford and Hyundai of Bedford


"Often, customers can't afford the payments and we have to "go back to the drawing board" to find them a car that fits into their payments. DealerPolicy Insurance is helping solve for this need. Also, customers have been surprised with the options and how affordable their payments are. DealerPolicy's platform is very easy to use. A lot of times when we are introducing a new product for our sales staff to use, we don't get a lot of buy in. With this technology, everyone has adopted it easily."

—Kimberley Eakin, Dennis Eakin Kia Screen Shot 2021-09-24 at 10.09.25 AM


"DealerPolicy Insurance helps customers by getting them a better rate than they would have been able to get themselves. It helps to make the overall experience for customer more pleasant. It helps with customers who may have insurance issues and leave the dealership and do not come back. It also allows us to sell the car that day. The DealerPolicy platform is very easy to use."

—Deuce Waikem, ALM Group

Screen Shot 2021-09-24 at 10.11.18 AM


"DealerPolicy Insurance helps when other agencies are closed and their process is quick. The DealerPolicy platform is very easy to use. It is great to have options for the customers on the spot for their insurance. Love the hours as well. Helps when we are in a jam."

—Jake Meissner, Atlanta Auto Firm

"For years we've referred our sales customers to outside insurance agencies for car insurance, and for years we've wished there was a way to profit from these insurance transactions without starting our own insurance company.

Then we discovered DealerPolicy Insurance, and we realized that this is possible! DealerPolicy Insurance saves customers money, incentivizes our sales staff, compensates licensed sub-producers when customers renew their policies, and allows us greater flexibility to sell finance products. My only regret is that we didn't call DealerPolicy Insurance sooner!"


"We’ve been using the DealerPolicy platform at my stores for a few months now and the feedback from customers and the sales team has been really positive. I appreciated that the setup process was simple, and the in-store training wasn’t disruptive to business. Being able to compare multiple auto insurance quotes from DealerPolicy Insurance makes it easier for customers to make a purchase commitment, especially since the quotes are from providers most people are already familiar with. Multiple customers have saved around $100 a month on their monthly insurance premium. When we can help people save on their auto insurance by introducing them to DealerPolicy Insurance, they leave here happy and the salespeople have no problems getting them to refer their family and friends to us."          

-Jon Weinzapfel, Owner/GM, Waco Automotive Group: University Kia and University Mazda


"DealerPolicy Insurance is an exceptional partner, with the unique twofold advantage of creating better revenue opportunities for our dealerships while simultaneously improving customer satisfaction. We have found that introducing DealerPolicy Insurance into the equation regularly leads to a higher customer spend in F&I. When our clients see the real savings they realize on their insurance, it builds real customer loyalty and helps grow retention."

—Duke Scott, Owner, Scott Honda, Scott Kia and Scott Select


"We really feel like it gives us a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace. It was easy to integrate the DealerPolicy platform into our sales process and the salespeople were able to use it right away.  DealerPolicy Insurance provides the insurance binder and ID cards quickly—typically before the customer walks out of the finance office—so we don’t have people waiting around for proof of insurance before they can leave with their vehicle. We’ve also seen the benefits of getting quotes for customers who already have insurance. During the launch at one of our locations, a customer was about to walk because he couldn’t afford the insurance on the car he wanted. The salesperson introduced the customer to DealerPolicy Insurance and he got a quote that was $100 less than the quote from his current insurance company. That savings allowed him to move forward with the purchase process and saved the deal. Both the customer and the salesperson were very pleased with how the situation turned out and it would not have happened without DealerPolicy Insurance."

—Josh Wilson, Director of Retails Operations, AutoSavvy

"Our dealership has found the DealerPolicy platform to be extremely useful in providing customers a “one-stop shop” vehicle purchasing experience.

The convenience it creates for both the customer and the salesperson is priceless! Maneuvering from car deal to insurance quote seamlessly is a great advantage to improve customer satisfaction, which automatically translates to less roadblocks in the sales process. The sales team receiving a monetary referral bonus is just the cherry on top. The many benefits to customers and our dealership make using the DealerPolicy platform an easy decision.

Ben Klein- GM, Kia of North Austin