Posted on: July 18, 2019 Press Release

DealerPolicy Expands into State of Georgia

COLCHESTER, Vermont, July 18, 2019 -- DealerPolicy Inc., the insurance solution partner for car dealers, has announced its expansion into the state of Georgia. Founded in Colchester, Vermont, DealerPolicy is experiencing tremendous growth fueled by dealer demand. Each week, the company adds new dealers to the hundreds it already serves, with plans to expand operations nationwide through 2020.

DealerPolicy helps automotive retailers increase profits and dramatically improve the auto insurance buying process for customers. Its platform uses data and technology to provide consumers with their choice of insurance carriers and access to licensed insurance agents. Car buyers benefit from thousands more in purchasing power during the buying process, which they can put towards the purchase of their new car and F&I products. To date, the company has helped automotive retailers generate over $10 million in additional buying power for their customers.  The company also provides dealers with a new source of recurring income. 

“Georgia dealers and customers have urged us to bring automotive retail’s first all-inclusive insurance platform to their state.  We’re thrilled to fulfill their request,” says Travis Fitzgerald, CEO.  Referencing the soon to be released DealerPolicy Car Buyer study, he said: “We know that customers want to get everything done at the dealership, including purchasing their auto insurance. The demand for our platform shows that dealerships understand their customers’ needs.”

In addition to its continued geographic expansion, DealerPolicy has also undergone other growth, recently releasing a new corporate logo to give the brand a fresh and sleek new look.


About DealerPolicy

DealerPolicy is the most trusted and complete insurance marketplace for automotive retailers and their valued customers. With its seamless integration into the car buying process, the company’s innovative solution enables car-buying customers the opportunity to purchase insurance by connecting them with licensed insurance agents while at the dealership or after they arrive home with their new car.  The company delivers these benefits through an industry-first combination of partnerships with car dealers, a growing insurance carrier network, and access to licensed agents.  DealerPolicy is currently operating in nine states with plans to operate nationwide by 2020.  For more information, visit

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