Raise my F&I Gross
Raise my F&I Gross
Posted on: April 8, 2019

3 Talk Tracks for Sales Teams to Start a More Productive Automotive F&I Discussion

Automotive Sales Training

A strong sales talk track integrates and positions F&I products and services as the answer to buyer questions during the negotiation process. These tracks―also called word tracks, elevator pitches, and sales scripts―are structured to uncover your customer’s needs and concerns, and position your F&I department as the solution.

The customer knows they want to buy a car, but it is your sales and F&I department’s job to seamlessly explain the value of additional warranties, policies, and financial solutions you have to offer. If you are ready to increase car and F&I sales, here are some effective F&I word tracks your team can include in the sales conversation.

“What led you to purchase a vehicle today?”

To establish trust with your buyer, show interest in their specific situation, circumstances, and life. People love to talk about themselves, so opening the discussion with this question will likely help you glean relevant information you can use later in the conversation.

“If you are unsure your current property and casualty insurance provider will offer sufficient coverage for this vehicle, we have the ability to get you instant quotes from a range of carriers, which is likely to save you a lot of money.”

P&C insurance, which offers referral benefits to dealerships, is rarely the first thing on a customer’s mind when they are in the middle of buying a car, but it is actually a way to add value and save your buyer money that could potentially be applied to a higher down payment or monthly payment. By talking to the customer about their auto insurance options -- and even running an on-the-spot quote comparison for them -- you show that you are interested in helping them save money and protect their new purchase.

“A lot of our customers who invested in [specific F&I product] like the peace of mind and long-term savings it offers them. A recent customer is a huge mountain biker, and heads up to Mt. Washington every weekend over the summer...”

Customers always trust the experiences of other customers over what a salesperson is telling them. Sharing “success stories” and customer feedback helps the buyer relate to the situation and visualize the benefits of the F&I product - ultimately how it provides a solution to their lifestyle and needs. The more your customer understands how specific products have improved life for similar buyers, the more likely they are to think about purchasing that product or service before they step foot into the F&I office.

It comes down to your sales team understanding F&I, it’s part in the overall sales process, and how it can benefit the buyer - increasing trust and the likelihood of a sale.



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